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Software providing data management

  • Colony management
  • IACUC protocol processing
  • Tracking of experimental data
  • Maintenance of staff, cost, and health records

Data management software for lab animal production and research center

FACILITY software provides data management for the modern lab animal production and research center. Whether you’re looking for a single-user desktop application or a corporate network system supported on all major databases, FACILITY scales to meet your organization’s needs. Customize areas of use to configure FACILITY solely as a production, protocol, or financial management system if you like, or mix and match any of the functional areas to get the right fit. Combine this customization with permissions in a networked system to limit users to only the functional areas of benefit to them.

Who benefits from the use of FACILITY?

  • Facility Supervisors have access to all facility data in a standard, legible, easily reportable format.
  • Lab Animal Technicians can reduce transcription error and data entry time, especially when recording breeding and weaning tasks.
  • Investigators can reduce the risk of loss of important research data, and easily access information on animals, experimental studies, and IACUC protocols.
  • Financial Officers and Staff Managers can access cost and team information for simplified management of administrative tasks.

Examples of Use

  • Improve colony management
    Use FACILITY to keep track of pair/trio, transgene, and production style mating. Place animals in mating cages within the program, and easily record pup and wean information when litters are born. Powerful tools are included to increase the performance of your colonies by calculating breeder efficiency. Outbreed analysis will greatly reduce the time you spend trying to manually calculate outbreed mating pairs.
  • Simplify the protocol process
    IACUC protocols form the basis for your laboratory procedures, but the process of approving, maintaining, and renewing protocols can be difficult and time-consuming. Enter and manipulate protocol forms in FACILITY exactly as you process them on paper using the Microsoft Word template import function. The protocol will pass through several layers of approval before it appears in its final form, during which you can send copies out to interested parties for perusal. FACILITY maintains a record of all changes, revisions, and renewals for easy future reference and comparison.
  • Access ordering, shipping, and account information
    One of the most useful features of FACILITY is the fluid transfer of data among functional areas. Cost information entered when managing animals, creating cages, or describing procedures appears in the Accounts section of the program so you don’t have to go searching for the data you need. Animals ordered or shipped are automatically credited to or debited from the correct group. Streamlining these procedures can reduce errors and save you time and money.
  • Manage animal room tasks
    Make sure animal room tasks are completed as specified. The principal investigator requests a task from the office, and then the vivarium supervisor assigns it to a technician. The technician can then perform the task and sign off, or document why the task could not be done. This is especially useful for routine tasks or tasks with several stages that occur over days or weeks. Reduce the risk that a stage will be forgotten or an emailed task assignment will get lost in a cluttered inbox, and decrease the traffic in and out of your animal rooms.
  • Create reports at the press of a button
    You can generate reports from practically any screen within FACILITY. Sort and filter the displayed data to show only the information you need. FACILITY maintains numerous historical files so that you don’t have to worry about lost information. Locus Technology also provides custom reports to make the process even simpler.

Input for animal trackingIn addition...

  • Maintain animal assessments and health records
  • Manage staff and locations
  • Perform Kaplan-Meier analysis
  • Assign animals to studies and procedures
  • Input directly from electronic hardware
  • Print labels and cage cards
  • Produce USDA reports and Home Office returns
  • ...and much more!


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