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Q: I would like to see your program working in my environment. Do you have demos available?

A: Yes, we can send you a timed evaluation CD along with some written material, or you may download a demo from our website. We also provide live demonstrations over the internet using GoToMeeting™, and on-site demonstrations as time allows.

Q: Which of your data management packages will work best for me?

A: It depends on your needs. If you contact us we can work with you to determine a good fit for your research application.

Q: What is PAL?

A: PAL (Portable Animal Logger) is a wireless, handheld interface that allows cage side real-time census and data editing into the FACILITY database. You can also use PAL to scan barcodes and print cage cards directly in the animal room.

Q: How would my application benefit from the addition of SAM?

A: SAM (Smart Animal Manager) is an interface that you can use with a tablet PC or a touch screen monitor in a wireless or hardwired configuration. Used in the procedure lab, with further connection to hardware such as electronic calipers and balances, SAM offers real-time data transfer, error reduction and labor saving capabilities.

Q: What is the function of the Advisor?

A: This manager analyzes litter performance based on each strain's historical performance, thus assisting in line planning. This optimizes breeding room efficiency by saving cost and reducing the number of animals used.

Q: What is your company’s pricing structure?

A: We charge an initial software licensing cost at the time of purchase, based on the scope of your application. This covers software, technical support, and any maintenance upgrades for the first year of use. A yearly support and software upgrade fee, totaling 20% of initial software cost, will be charged at 12 month intervals, following the license purchase. Included in the maintenance services are yearly upgrades, technical support, use of the User Forum, and ongoing personal contact from our staff to ensure continued customer satisfaction. We offer discounts for academic and government facilities. We also provide single computer, non-networkable licenses with limited support.

Q: I need some customized reports. Are these included?

A: Several styles of reports are included in the software package. You can also customize reports yourself using the report generator, or we can customize required report layouts for you. Cost of customization is based on the time required to perform the work.

Q: Can I use FACILITY to record periodic assessments such as tumor or weight measurements?

A: Yes. You can establish a period for assessments are regularly record data. Periodic data can be used to create average and individual graphs within the application. Use SAM, RFID transponders and electronic calipers and balances to optimize this process.

Q: Has anything been done to address the specific needs of the UK customers?

A: UK licence requirements have been taken into account. System counters in the FACILITY program will analyze data for Home Office Returns and prepare required ad hoc reports.

Q: How is the issue of IACUC protocol management handled in your software?

A: The IACUC forms used by your organization can be imported as-is into FACILITY. You can manage the submission process within FACILITY and compare the new and current protocols, side by side.

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