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LabTracks — A brand-new approach to Animal Research Data Management

Today’s data management application requirements are split between two conflicting constraints; the desire for a COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) product and the need to fit a company’s business model as closely as possible. Locus Technology has developed a brand-new approach to this challenge using modern software technology that combines a comprehensive platform with flexible business rules and inheritable application extensibility.

Locus Technology has leveraged years of experience in the fields of rodent and large-animal data management to design a new data management package. This package includes all the common functional requirements for an animal records system while facilitating rapid re-configuration. The platform is designed to accept custom developed plug-ins to further enhance the system.

Built-in extensibility derived from XML and Metadata techniques is a key feature of the platform. An integral class designer allows IT staff to inherit from pre-existing classes and extend the data set to suit customer requirements. This extensibility can dramatically extend the expected software life by allowing it to be continuously adapted to match changing business rules.

There is much discussion about the relative merits of rich and web clients. The general consensus is that web clients are easier to maintain and rich clients provide more powerful data entry and analysis abilities. LabTracks has been designed with both web and rich clients to allow the customer to choose the best option for the applicable situation.

User-definable report generation with a Visual SQL editor allows for comprehensive reports that can be custom-designed at customer sites as needed. These reports can also take advantage of embedded macros to dynamically enhance output if needed. The system also includes user-definable email templates for sending reports manually or automatically to individual users or categories of user (based on “roles”).

Support of various third-party databases and LDAP servers provides simplicity of installation and secure authentication.

LabTracks represents a new generation of data management software. Flexibility, compatibility, functionality and security will ensure a continually optimal solution.

  • LabTracks offers “localizing”, the ability to easily translate the software to a foreign language.
  • LabTracks offers the availability of scientific strain notation
  • LabTracks offers easy drag and drop features
  • LabTracks offers color coding of report values for easy viewing


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