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New     Material tracking and reporting software for research and laboratories

LabTracks material tracking software is the newest solution from Locus Technology. It will simplify tracking and reporting of your laboratory resources while increasing the security with which those resources are managed.

LabTracks lets you determine how your assets are stored — you decide the names of the categories, how they relate to one another, and how many levels are contained in the storage tree. LabTracks is based on “contributors,” “distributors,” and “consumers” that enter, move, and use materials within the storage tree, providing different levels of permission and security. Movement of inventory in the system is as easy as moving icons around on your desktop — simply drag and drop. Reports that once took you days of scouring through reams of paper can now be completed at the touch of a button. Increased security also means alert tags will inform you of abnormal conditions within your system. You can even set the program to move assets automatically in relation to predetermined events.

Key Benefits:

  • LabTracks adapts to the unique, changing needs of your facility
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop interface
  • Report generation functions can save hours of your time
  • Know where your resources are at all times, and who is responsible
  • Track resources inside and outside your laboratory
  • Seamless interface with our other software applications
  • MSDS data storage capabilities
  • Alerts and automatic transfers reduce the risk of human error
  • More information

Facility animal management software

Real time data entry interfaces PAL and SAMFACILITY, the cornerstone animal management software solution from Locus Technology, will simplify maintaining, use and reporting of your laboratory animals, staff, and resources while increasing the ease and security with which all aspects of your research organization operate.

Set up FACILITY as a single-user desktop application, or network it to satisfy the data management needs of a large corporation.

Key Benefits:

  • FACILITY software adapts to your organization
  • Specific areas of the program can be made available to users on a case by case basis
  • Assign permissions so certain users have protected access to their animals
  • Report generation functions can save hours of your time
  • Seamless interface with our other software applications
  • Many areas, including reports and drop-down lists, are user-configurable
  • Alerts and drop-down list entry reduce the chance for human error 
  • Customization is available
  • More Information

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